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Monday, December 28, 2020

WSTL in the Seekonk River

Monitoring 1220 kHz, I logged two new ones, WGNY which I mentioned in my previous post and a Spanish language station that I was unable to identify. 

Radio-Locator listed a few Spanish stations on 1220, but none of them matched up with what I heard. 

I did record about 20 minutes of the station's audio with my IC-R8600 and I finally had time to listen to the recording looking for clues to identify the station. I clearly heard “Providence” mentioned by the female announcer, so I checked Radio-Locator for 1220 kHz activity in Providence, Rhode Island and WSTL was listed as a “Tropical” format station rather than “Spanish.” Listening to the entire recording confirmed that the station was indeed WSTL transmitting 1,000 watts, 82 miles to the east-northeast.

Radio: ICOM IC-R8600
Antenna: 128-ft LoG

Thursday, December 17, 2020

New Stuff in Log

On longwave:

RU on 275 kHz, transmitting 25 watts from Salisbury, North Carolina, 575 miles to the south-southwest on November 29 at 0439Z

DC on 332 kHz,  transmitting 25 watts from Washington, DC, 292 miles to the southwest on November 30 at 0556Z

MNI on 381 kHz,  transmitting 25 watts from Manning, South Carolina, 683 miles to the south-southwest on December 9 at 0332Z

ME on 257 kHz,  transmitting 25 watts from Maxton, North Carolina, 593 miles to the south-southwest on December 15 at 0411Z

On mediumwave:

WGNY on 1220 kHz, transmitting 10,000 watts from Newburgh, New York, 61 miles to the west-southwest on December 17 at 2123Z

On FM:

W277DT-FM (WDRC) on 103.3 MHz, transmitting 250 watts from Hartford, Connecticut, 17 miles to the east-northeast on December 2 at 1605Z

All received with an ICOM IC-R8600 receiver on longwave with a 128-ft Loop on Ground antenna, mediumwave with an 80-meter dipole, FM with a ICOM AH-7000 discone antenna.