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Sunday, September 27, 2020

WNJC test and the CC Skywave

WNJC in Washington Township, New Jersey, has been running tests the past three weekends on 1360 kHz. Despite WDRC on the same frequency only 16 miles away, I managed to easily hear WNJC as I wrote here two weeks ago and again last weekend. I assumed that I would be able to hear them again last night when I powered up the ICOM IC-R8600 at 0402 UTC and I did.

I wondered if I could hear it on my CCrane Skwave SSB receiver too, so I tuned the Skywave to 1360 at 0406 UTC and heard the WNJC voice ID followed by their Morse Code ID.

Needless to say, I was a little surprised that I was able to hear WNJC with the Skywave indoors using its internal antenna, but their signal was solid and was on equal footing with WDRC. I did not have to twist and turn the Skywave for best reception; the signal was good no matter where I positioned the Skywave.

Sunday, September 20, 2020


Tuesday at 2304 UTC, logged another new one: Spanish-language station “La Unika” WHWH on 1350 kHz transmitting 5 kilowatts from Princeton, New Jersey, 128 miles to the southwest. Received with my ICOM IC-R8600 receiver and 80-meter dipole.

Sunday, September 13, 2020

Last 7 Days

Four new stations logged the past seven days.

On September 6th, looking for the Voice of America on 800 kHz, I found WNNW instead transmitting 244 watts from Lawrence, Massachusetts, 115 miles to the northeast.

Tropo ducting along the East Coast on September 8th added two to the FM log:

At 1540Z, WHYY on 90.9 MHz from Philadelphia transmitting 13,500 watts, 163 miles to the southwest.

At 1555Z, WBEB on 101.1 MHz also from Philadelphia transmitting 14,00 watts, 163 miles to the southwest.

This weekend, WNJC ran early morning tests for the DX community on 1360 kHz. I figured that hearing WNJC here depended on not hearing WDRC, which is about 16 miles to the northeast. Tuned the IC-R8600 to 0400Z today and there was WNJC loud and clear with no interference from WDRC. I could even hear WNJC on the discone antenna. WNJC is in Washington Township, New Jersey, transmitting 5,000 watts, 170 miles to the southwest.