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Saturday, March 24, 2018

A Good Week

Conditions were very good Tuesday evening at 2300 UTC. I recorded the top of the hour and it took me a few days to sort through it all resulting in five new loggings.

WWRU on 1280 kHz transmitting 5 kW from Rochester, NY, 258 miles to the northwest

WKBI on graveyard frequency 1400 kHz transmitting 1 kW from Saint Marys, PA, 291 miles to the west

WAMC also on 1400 kHz transmitting 1 kW from Albany, NY, 85 miles to the north-northwest

WNCA on 1570 kHz transmitting 5 kW from Silver City, NC, 539 miles to the southwest

WWRU on 1660 kHz transmitting 10 kW from Jersey City, NJ, 80 miles to the southwest

(Equipment used: ELAD FDM-S2/SW2 receiver and HyGain 18AVT/WB-A antenna)

On Monday, conditions were not so good, so I checked out the FM band and logged two new locals:

W231CZ on 94.100 MHz transmitting 32 watts from Hartford, CT, 14 miles to the north-northeast

W233CF on 94.500 MHz transmitting 99 watts from Danbury, CT, 31 miles to the southwest

(Equipment used: ELAD FDM-S2/SW2 receiver and ICOM AH-7000 discone antenna)

Thursday, March 15, 2018


I logged my 500th AM station this evening! And appropriately, I did it the old school way. Instead of listening to a top of the hour recording of the whole AM band, the radio was tuned to 1600 and I listened to three or four stations mixing it up. At 2316Z, as clear as a bell, I heard the musical ID of WAYC transmitting 2700 watts out of Bedford, Pennsylvania, 310 miles to the west-southwest.

Coincidentally, Bedford is the half-way point on my annual 700-mile trek to Hamvention and on many of those roadtrips, I have stayed in a motel about a mile up the road from the WAYC transmitter.

Now on to the next 500!

(Equipment used for this logging were the ELAD FDM-S2/SW2 receiver and HyGain 18AVT/WB-A antenna.)

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Six on FM

Not much of interest on the LW and AM bands last night, so I tuned up to the FM band where conditions seemed to be a bit enhanced and I logged two new stations. I revisited the FM band this morning and this afternoon. Conditions still seemed enhanced and I logged four additional new stations.

96.900 MHz: WPRF in New Britain, CT, a low power FM station (LPFM) transmitting 49 watts, 9 miles to the east-northeast playing Spanish music

97.700 MHz: W249DP in Ware, Mass., transmitting 200 watts, 47 miles to the northeast, a WARE translator playing "real oldies 1250"

103.700 MHz: W279CI in Danbury, CT transmitting 251 W, 32 miles to the southwest, a WDAQ translator playing contemporary music

103.900 MHz: WRCN in Riverhead, Long Island, NY transmitting 1.4 kW, 55 miles to the south, with a right-wingnut talk format

104.500 MHz: WXLO in Fitchburg, Mass. transmitting 37 kW, 83 miles to the northeast, playing contemporary music

105.500 MHz: WQGN in Groton, CT transmitting 3 kW, 48 miles to the east-southeast, playing contemporary music

Equipment used: ELAD FDM-S2/SW2 SDR receiver/software and ICOM AH-7000 discone antenna

Sunday, March 4, 2018


The reason I have not posted anything in over three weeks is because I had the flu. I was so ill that I seldom turned on a radio during that time.

My health is almost back to normal, so I expect to be more radioactive and will be posting here again.