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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

DigitalRadio2 Up and Running on Yahoo

DigitalRadio2 is a new Yahoo Group for the discussion and exchange of information regarding all amateur radio digital modes. When the owner of the old DigitalRadio Yahoo Group decided to end that group last week, David Behar, K7DB, decided to start the new group to fill the gap.

According to Dave, “In my judgment there is benefit coming from the existence of a forum where digital radio enthusiasts can exchange information and help each other.”

And there you have it!

Monday, February 24, 2014


WEGP out of Presque Isle, Maine, popped up on 1390 kHz with a pet talk show Friday evening at 2327Z. A very variable signal ranging from an SØ to an S3 running 10 kW, 424 miles to my northeast. I received WEGP on both AM radio setups: the C. Crane CCRadio-SW receiver with the C. Crane CC Twin Coil Ferrite antenna and C.Crane CCRadio 2E Enhanced radio with the Terk Advantage antenna. WEGP

Friday, February 21, 2014



I love listening to AM radio stations playing golden oldies from my error and last night I found one down in the mud on 1390 kHz with a less than S1 signal. The music was audible and recognizable, but voice was not. It took some doing to finally identify the station as WCAT in Burlington, Vermont, a few minutes before Big Ben struck midnight (UTC). The station was transmitting 5 kW, 199 miles to my north and I received it on both AM radio setups: the C. Crane CCRadio-SW receiver with the C. Crane CC Twin Coil Ferrite antenna and C.Crane CCRadio 2E Enhanced radio with the Terk Advantage antenna.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

A Bounty

Yesterday, EST yesterday rather than UTC yesterday was a bountiful day.

In addition to WPUT, written up in the previous post, which I caught at high noon, I added three new ones last evening.

At 2154Z, WKMC popped up loud and clear (S4) broadcasting comedy recordings on 1370 kHz. WKMC transmits 5 kW from just south of Altoona, Pennsylvania, in Roaring Spring, PA, which is 300 miles to my west-southwest.

At 2336Z, I added WDEA on 1370 kHz to my log with an up and down signal (S0 to S3) out of Ellsworth, Maine, transmitting 5 kW, 300 miles to my northeast.

While tuning around at the top of the hour, I landed on 1270 kHz and at 0003Z a station identification popped up out of the noise --- CJCB with an S1 signal transmitting 10 kW from Sydney, Nova Scotia, 710 miles to my east-northeast. That's my best catch so far this year.

I heard WKMC and WDEA using my C.Crane CCRadio 2E Enhancedradio with the Terk Advantage antenna, whereas I heard CJCB using my C. Crane CCRadio-SW receiver and C. Crane CC Twin Coil Ferrite antenna.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Out of the Mud

About 1600Z, I could hear a station way down in the mud on 1510 kHz. I determined that it was a sports talk station, but each time it identified, I could not make out the call sign. I hung in there and finally, at noon (1700Z), I heard the ID: WPUT out of Brewster, New York, running 1 kW, 38 miles to my west-southwest. The station’s signal level was steady for the hour I monitored it, but it was less than an S1, so it was a workout getting #211 in the log. As usual lately, I was using the C.Crane CCRadio 2E Enhanced radio with the Terk Advantage antenna.

Two for One

I logged two new stations at the same time on the same frequency Monday evening. At 2300Z on 1300 kHz, I heard the station identification of WJZ and seconds later after turning the antenna about 45 degrees to null out WJZ, I heard the station identification of WGDJ.

WJZ is in Baltimore running 5 kW, 260 miles to my southwest. WGDJ is in Rensselaer, NY, running 10 kW, 78 miles to my north-northwest. Both stations' signals peaked at S-4 using the C.Crane CCRadio 2E Enhanced radio with the Terk Advantage antenna.

Saturday, February 15, 2014


I added two new ones to the AM radio log.

At 2305Z on the 13th - heard WWRC on 1260 kHz running 5 kW out of Maryland suburbs of Washington, D.C., 280 miles to my west-southwest with an S0 to S5 signal.

At 2233Z on the 14th - heard WHP on 580 kHz running 5 kW out of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, 230 miles to my southwest with an S4 signal.

Equipment used the C.Crane CCRadio 2E Enhanced radio with the Terk Advantage antenna.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

CHKJ in Hamtown Corner

Caught a nice one on 1260 kHz last night: CKHJ in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada, with its antenna sited in – get this – Hamtown Corner! Running 10 kW, 438 miles to my northeast, the country music station’s signal varied from an S0 to an S3 around 0000Z.

Again, I was using my “new” C.Crane CCRadio 2E Enhanced radio with my “old” Terk Advantage antenna to put number 206 in my AM radio log.

Thursday, February 6, 2014


At 0040Z, I logged CBE on 1550 kHz running 10 kW near Windsor, Ontario, Canada, 834 miles west. The signal was usually S5 to S6, but dipped down to S1 at times while I tried to decypher the French to figure out what station I was hearing.

Used the C.Crane CCRadio 2E Enhanced radio with the Terk Advantage antenna.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Logged WHK last night at 0044Z running 5 kilowatts on 1420 kHz from the Cleveland area (450 730 miles due west). Signal varied from S0 to S3, then disappeared completely after about 10 minutes. Used the C.Crane CCRadio 2E Enhanced barefoot.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014



Tuesday at 0040Z, I heard CJWI on 1410 kHz running 10 kilowatts near Montreal, 360 miles to the north using the C.Crane CCRadio 2E Enhanced barefoot.

What was interesting to me was that its signal overwhelmed the 5 kilowatt signal of WPOP, which is a mere 11 miles to the east northeast! Normally, all I hear is on 1410 is WPOP, so I don’t bother listening for anything else on that frequency. Surprise!

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Radio Jay Allen

Steve, WA1HHK, suggested that I share a link with the readers of this blog, specifically, the RadioJayAllen website.

In the past, I occasionally visited Jay's website. His review of the C.Crane CCRadio 2E Enhanced moved me to add that radio to my Christmas wish list.

After using that radio for 5 weeks, I generally concur with his review. But I was surprised that he did not address my biggest gripe with the radio, which I complained about in my review of the radio, that is, its default display of the time of day or nothing rather than the frequency the radio is tuned to.

Despite that, I highly recommend Jay's website especially if you are an AM band DX'er.