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Friday, January 30, 2015

WWDJ 1150

Good conditions continued last evening when I caught up with WWDJ on 1150 kc. Using the Skywave receiver, WWDJ went into the log at 2338 UTC running 5 kW out of the Boston area, 100 miles to my east-northeast. The Spanish format station had an S1 to S3 signal and I was happy to log it after a two-week dry spell chasing DX down the rabbit hole.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Good Conditions

Conditions on the AM band were good overnight.

Turned the Skywave on briefly before going to bed last night (0300 UTC) and CHOK on 1070 kc had a very strong, solid signal broadcasting the Toronto vs. New Jersey hockey game for the 10 minutes or so I had the radio powered up. It was by far the strongest signal I have heard on 1070 since the Skywave freed that frequency from WTIC on 1080.

Forgot my iPod this morning, so I listened to the radio and discovered that conditions on the AM band were still good during my 35-minute commute to work just before sunrise at 1205 UTC. I did not hear anything new on the stock radio in my 2007 Subaru, but what I did hear was loud and clear  in particular, WIBX on 950 from Utica, NY, and KDKA on 1020 from Pittsburgh.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Bill Monboquette RIP

From the Stan Horzepa Tape Stains and All Collection
Bill Monboquette was my favorite Red Sox pitcher back in the Red Sox Village days. Sorry to see him go.

Monday, January 26, 2015


Nothing new in the log, so, I keep going back to 1070 kc.

Saturday evening, about 2300 UTC, I heard three stations simultaneously on 1070 kc. I identified one as CHOK, but I had no luck identifying the other two. It was very frustrating because one of the two stations was very strong for about 10 minutes (a woman and man were discussing the Boston marathon murder trial).

So with nothing new in the log, I leave you with another item from the WTIC Alumni Site's online museum, a QST cover story about the venerable radio station. By the way, the whole WTIC story from QST is available on the museum's webpage.

Saturday, January 24, 2015


Dave Kaplan, WA1OUI, responded to the previous post about the current state of QSLing by domestic radio stations. Back in the 1970s, Dave actually handled the QSL chores at WTIC and is currently the webmaster of the WTIC Alumni Site.

The site includes an online museum, which was the source of the WTIC QSL shown here.