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Sunday, May 24, 2015

A Visit from the Bing Maps Streetside Car

About 4:30 PM today, the Bing Maps Streetside car came through our neighborhood. 

My daughter saw the car go down the street and we knew it would have to come back our way because we live in a neighborhood of dead ends. About 5 minutes later, it came by again. We waved as it passed and the driver honked at us, but it remains to be seen if we will be on the map! 

The Google Maps car has yet to make a visit in our neighborhood, so it was nice to see the Microsoft-mobile!

Monday, May 11, 2015

Hello from Hamvention

I will be at Hamvention in Dayton, Ohio, this Friday and Saturday. When I am not attending forums, roaming the halls, and buying stuff, I will be staffing the TAPR booths (451-454)  in the Ball Arena of the HARA complex, so stop by and say, "Hello."

During my commute to and from and around Dayton, I will be running OpenAPRS from my iPhone, so watch for me on your APRS maps.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Oliver and Shaq

Oliver and Shaq
Our family lost a member Thursday morning: our first cat, Oliver. 

As a kitten nearly 16 years ago, he followed my wife home when she was walking our first dog QT-Pie and he moved in after some pushback from me. Turns out, Oliver and me hit it off and he became my best buddy, my "Big O" and always greeted me when I came home from work.

Oliver and QT-Pie were the only males in our menagerie and they became best friends. After QT-Pie died three years ago, one of our female cats, Shaq, seemed to replace QT-Pie in Oliver's life. The two cleaned each other and usually slept with each other.

After Oliver died, Shaq seemed to be lost looking all around the house for her friend. Friday night, when I took our second dog, Pumpkin Pie, out for last call, Shaq got out. She seldom gets out, but must have thought her friend was outside, so she went looking for him. Shaq was out until nearly 3 AM. 

I think Shaq found Oliver because the next day, I found a dead mouse neatly placed right in the middle of Oliver's grave!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

TAPR PSR Now Available

The Spring 2015 issue of PSR, TAPR's quarterly newsletter is now available here. (Yours truly is the editor of PSR.)

Table of Contents:

  • Hamvention with TAPR
  • 2015 Hamvention TAPR Forum Schedule
  • TAPR Calendar
  • DCC in Chicago
  • Penelope to PennyLane
  • Near Space Flights as a Tool for STEM Education
  • Build a Better Demodulator for APRS / AX.25 Packet
  • Amateur Radio Lectures in India
  • Write Here!
  • On the Net
  • The Fine Print
  • Our Membership App

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Since my last post, I added two new stations to the AM radio log, both broadcasting from the City of Brotherly Love:

  • WHAT on 1340 kc heard on April 3 at 2300 UTC transmitting 1 kW 164 miles to my southwest
  • WKDN on 950 kc heard on April 4 at 0300 UTC transmitting 21 kW 163 miles to my southwest

Both were heard using my CC Radio 2E barefoot.

I have heard plenty on the car radio during my morning commute, but nothing new to report.

Looking forward to the Dayton Hamvention next month. I will be staffing the TAPR booths (451-454 in the Ballarena). Stop by and say, "Hello!"