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Friday, February 24, 2006

1 gig flash drive

I take work home and bring it back to work on a daily basis. For years, I used 100-kbyte Zip disks. Sometimes, the quantity of work is such that I had to use more than one Zip disk to make the work-to-home-to-work transfer.

Ever since IT gave me a new computer with Windows XP, access to the Zip drive/disks has been unreliable. If I don't access the Zips on a regular basis during the day, the system forgets that the drive is there and I have to pop the disk out of the drive and reinsert it so that the syetm will know it is there again. This is a real pain when I save a file and the system can't find the drive, hangs up whatever program I am using with that file, eventually causing the program to lock up, which results in my losing whatever work I did on that file since its last successful save.

My solution was to buy a USB 1-Gbyte flash drive. I paid $58 for it at the local Wal*Mart during my lunch hour yesterday. It is amazing that 1-Gbytes is packed into a 2.75 x 0.7 x 0.35 inch package! I plugged my purchase into my computer at work and it worked flawlessly all afternoon. I took it home after work, plugged it into my Mac Powerbook, and it worked fine with that computer, too. No more Zip disks for me!

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