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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

garden update

It has been a month since the last "garden update" and besides all the growth of vegetation, the big news is that I picked four ripe tomatoes, two yellow squash, and a large handful of beans (Kentucky Wonders) during the past week.

The bell peppers have grown very strangely this year. The plants are huge with lots of vegetation and height (I've never seen pepper plants as tall), but there has been very little actual pepper production. I noticed a few tiny peppers on the plants last night, but they have a long way to go and the weather is already showing signs of autumn.

The four active boxes take over a gallon of water every day


  1. Have you had any luck growing tomatoes indoors during the winter? Do you know anybody who has?

    Thanks and 73,


  2. Maybe try pruning the tips of the branches... that's where the growth centers are, and if you trim those off, the plants will spend less energy growing themselves and have more available for making big tasty peppers.

    And off topic, love your column. Thanks for writing it :)


  3. Great piece on Holy Land! My mother cared for John Greco in the final year of his life. I grew up in Waterbury, but was never brought up to see Holy land. I guess the place was so trashed at the time, my parents feared I would get hurt up there. It is too bad as I would have loved to have seen it.