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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

iPhone: maybe not

Yesterday, I wrote here how I want an iPhone. After sleeping on it, maybe not. Here's why.

My wife and daughter have cell phones. Their provider is Verizon. Verizon is reputed as having very good coverage in these parts, yet their coverage is very spotty up here on top of Compounce Mountain. Some days there is no signal. Other days you have to stand in just the right place to get a signal. Such is cellular life at 1000 ft ASL; the cellular towers are all below us.

The iPhone's provider is Cingular. Their coverage is reputed as not being as good as Verizon's in these parts. So, an iPhone would likely be useless most of the time up here.

I guess I will stick with my Powerbook using DSL via WIFI.

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  1. Welcome to the tricks that Apple can play on gadget lovers. When I saw it I thought the same as you, then I saw the price tag and provider. I too have Verizon.

    Justin - KB3JUV