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Monday, August 13, 2007

1080-kHz DX

I'm on the road this week. Tonight, I'm in a Ramada Inn in State College, PA.

Around 2030 EDST, I went to my car to get something. I turned on the car radio and dialed up WTIC-AM on 1080 kHz to see if I could catch some of tonight's Red Sox game.

I was impressed on how well I was able to receive the broadcast over 300 miles away. The signal was very clear and I could listen to it all night if I wasn't tired of sitting in my car half the day today driving here.

Usually, I listen to WTIC only ten miles away from its transmitter, so it is interesting to hear something familiar as DX.

Did I ever mention the time I listened to a Red Sox game on WTIC, while sitting in my car in a hotel parking lot in Orlando, Florida, 1200 miles away as the crow flies down I-95? Now, that was a challenge!


  1. What is EDST? I've heard of EST which is GMT-5hrs... and EDT which is GMT-4hrs but never EDST.

  2. EDST = Eastern Daylight Savings Time... you can look it up here.