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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Comet Holmes

Read about the exploding Comet Holmes and last night, the sky was clear, so I took my old refractor outside to have a look.

The comet is visible with the naked eye. At first, you might mistake it for a dim star, but it is actually a fuzzy spot. Put the telescope on it and it is a gray fuzzy ball.

The comet is easy to find. Here is a map from the Sky & Telescope web site that will assist you in finding the comet.

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  1. [...] In early November, the explosion of Comet Holmes rekindled my interest in astronomy. I followed the progress of the comet using my old refractor telescope. One night, I was lazier than on most nights and instead of hauling my refractor outside, I used my father’s old binoculars and was surprised that the binos did a better job than my scope. I must have mentioned that fact to my wife and/or daughter and they decided that I needed a new telescope and chipped in with my sister to buy the aforementioned Celestron reflector. [...]