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Sunday, June 22, 2008

what a deal!

When we were kids, my sister and I were allowed to stay up late on Friday nights to watch The Twilight Zone, which was on at 9:30 Eastern Time. But we had our marching orders: as soon as the show ended at 10 PM, we had to go straight upstairs to bed.

To make ends meet, both my mother and father worked. Dad worked days (7 AM to 3:30 PM) and Mom worked nights (5 to 10 PM). Dad did not want my mother driving alone at night, so he drove her to and from work ever day including Fridays, which left us kids home alone to watch The Twilight Zone, while Dad crossed town to pick up Mom.

Needless to say, two kids home alone watching The Twilight Zone was a scary proposition and after many episodes of the show, going upstairs to our dark bedrooms was not very inviting. But, we loved the show, continued to watch it, and managed to go upstairs to bed sooner or later... usually later.

Today, my wife, sister, and I went to a couple of tag sales and at one, I found a box containing 25 VHS tapes of The Twilight Zone collection. Most of the tapes had four episodes, some had three, and they were the cream of the crop. I recognized the titles of many of those episodes that made it difficult to go upstairs to bed nearly 50 years ago.

When I asked the lady running the tag sale, how much for the tapes, she said I could have the box full for $1. What a deal!

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  1. Maybe you didn't get such a good deal. CBS has put many of the old Twilight Zone episodes on-line, for free. See