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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

new PowerShot

I used the generous (thanks, Sis) Amazon gift card that I received for my birthday and bought a new camera.

My "old" (circa 2006) 4.0 Mpixel Canon PowerShot A520 had served me well, but it has been showing its age for awhile now. It was time for an upgrade.

I have been very happy with Canon digital cameras, so I planned to spend about $200 for a new one. After comparing features and reviews, I ponied up for a model SD940IS in retro black for $222.

Amazon shipped it from Nashua, NH, at midnight on Thursday and predicted that I would receive it on Monday. Since Nashua is just 150 miles up the road, I hoped I might receive it earlier.

Saturday, I found a small Amazon shipping box stuffed in our mailbox. The box was so small that I figured it contained the spare battery I ordered for the camera. Opening the box, I discovered I was half right; its contents included the spare battery and my new camera!

After opening the box containing the camera, I was shocked at its size. It is smaller than my daughter's Motorola Rival cell phone and easily fits in the palm of my hand.

I was anxious to try it out, but I had to charge its battery first. While I waited for the camera's battery to charge, I turned my attention to TurboTax.

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