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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

AM DX Log: Four New Ones

This morning:
  • 1430Z on 970 kHz, WNYM transmitting 50 kW from Hackensack, NJ, 78 miles SW, S-3
  • 1440Z on 930 kHz, WPAT transmitting 5 kW from Patterson, NJ, 87 miles SW, S-2
This afternoon, two stations deep in the mud:
  • 2100Z on 1270 kHz, WSPR transmitting 5 kW from Springfield, MA, 37 miles NNE, S-1
  • 2140Z on 1400 kHz, WAMC transmitting 1 kW from Albany, NY, 91 miles NNW, S-1
Receiving equipment: C.Crane CCRadio-SW and CC twin coil ferrite antenna.

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