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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Cuba! Cuba!

Last night, I entered Cuba into the AM radio log for the first time  not once, but twice!

At 0340, Radio Rebelde overwhelmed WOR on 710 kc, transmitting 200 kW from Chambas, 1387 miles to the south-southwest. The photo shows the Radio Rebelde equipment line-up during the Cuban Revolution. Looks like a typical ham radio station layout during that era. (At one time, I owned that Heathkit SWR meter sitting on top of that pile.)

At 0400, Radio Angulo identified at the top of the hour on 740 kc, transmitting 10 kW from Sagua de Tanamo, 1461 miles to the south.

I heard the Cuban stations with my Elecraft KX3 and 80-meter inverted Vee.

Radio Angulo was my 300th entry into the AM radio log, which I began on Christmas Eve four years ago.

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