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Sunday, January 10, 2016

WBOB in Jacksonville

WBOB, 600 kc, Jacksonville, Florida, ran a test from 0500 to 0800 UTC Sunday. I had my doubts that I would hear them (WBOB is 924 miles to my south-southwest), but I stayed up anyway and was rewarded with a new log entry.

I began hearing WBOB at 0516 UTC and monitored 600 kc until 0605 UTC. During that time, I heard voice and Morse Code station identifications, as well as, music (the Price is Right theme song), a variety of tone sweeps and telephone busy signals. WBOB was competing with local WICC and an unidentified Spanish station (it may be Radio Rebelde in Cuba), but I managed to hear "something" from WBOB most of the 49 minutes I monitored 600 kc.

I e-mailed a reception report, which the station already confirmed and promised a QSL card real soon now.

I used my Elecraft KX3 with the 80-meter inverted Vee dipole most of the time, but the signal was so good that I tried listening with my C.Crane Skywave receiver using its stock internal antenna and heard a voice ID loud and clear.

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