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Sunday, February 14, 2016

On the FM radio

This time of year, I don’t expect to work anything new on the FM band, but yesterday, I logged two new stations.

On an early morning grocery run, I noticed a handmade sign on the side of the road in Bristol, CT, that read, “105.3 Christian Radio.” I don’t recall logging many religious stations on FM, so I tuned the car radio to 105.3 Mc and found a religious station, WJYC, that was loud and clear.

I continued monitoring 105.3 during my grocery run and WJYC was solid until I crested South Mountain. WPTY out of Long Island took over the frequency.

After I unloaded the groceries, I looked up WJYC on It is the Riverside Baptist Church’s LPFM station transmitting 76 watts from Terryville, CT, 3 to 4 miles to my west as I drove around Bristol, CT.

Since WJYC was a new station right under my nose, I decided to check what other new stations might be under my nose and ready to be logged.

Using the “find U.S. radio by your location” feature, the website came back with a list of AM and FM stations I should be able to hear. Perusing the list, only one was not in my log: W253BQ on 98.5 Mc. Their transmitter is 7 miles line of sight of my QTH, so I thought it was a sure-thing and sure enough, they were loud and clear on the C.Crane CC Skywave receiver. W253BQ transmits 250 watts 7 miles to my southwest and is is a relay station for Spanish station WSGG.

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