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Thursday, September 8, 2016

Eight New Loggings!

Conditions were excellent at the 0500 UTC top-of-the-hour on September 6... so good that it took me two days to listen to my recording of that top-of-the-hour. It resulted in eight new stations in the log including WDAE in St. Pete, Florida (1095 miles). I also heard previously logged WWL in New Orleans (1256 miles).

Here are all the new loggings:

WSVA on 550 kc from Harrisonburg, VA, 1000 watts, 384 miles south-southwest

WDAE on 620 kc from Saint Petersburg, FL, 5500 watts, 1095 miles  south-southwest

WFNC on 640 kc from Fayetteville, NC, 1000 watts, 556 miles south-southwest

WNIS on 790 kc from Norfolk, VA, 5000 watts, 362 miles south-southwest

WPHB on 1260 kc from Philipsburg, PA, 34 watts !, 277 miles west-southwest

WMID on 1340 kc from Atlantic City, NJ, 890 watts, 175 miles south-southwest

WCED on 1420 kc from Dubois, PA, 5 watts !!!, 307 miles west-southwest

WPGG on 1450 kc from Atlantic City, NJ, 1000 watts, 175 miles south-southwest

Equipment used: ELAD FDM-S2 SDR receiver and 80-meter inverted Vee antenna.

By the way, I also heard some stations that were affected by aurora, but I did not log any because they were unintelligible.


  1. AM WDAE 620 radio tower is located on route 92 near the western
    side of the Gandy Bridge in Saint Petersburg. It was 6 miles
    from my former residence in south Tampa. Used to go swimming
    and fishing 125 yards from that tower. Thanks for the flashback.

    Mike Schaffer

    1. It certainly isn't a typical antenna site! And one of my best stateside loggings on AM!