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Friday, November 17, 2017

CC Skywave SSB: First Impressions

I ordered the new C.Crane CC Skywave SSB AM/FM/WX/Air/SW radio online Wednesday morning. I had a 15% discount coupon, so the radio only cost $127.49 plus $12.40 for Priority Mail shipping. The USPS delivered the radio late this morning and these are my first impressions.

Despite some scuttlebutt I’ve read on the Internet, the SSB mode does work on the AM band as well as the SW bands.

Compared to the original CC Skywave, the SSB has a longer telescoping antenna by 2.5 inches.

The SSB is colored grey, whereas the original is black.

The SSB and accessories come in a nice cardboard box, whereas the original Skywave came in a clear plastic package.

I compared the SSB and original Skywave side-by-side on the air on each band this afternoon for about two hours and I noted the following:

The SSB is more sensitive on the Air band than the original Skywave.

The sensitivity and selectivity of the SSB and original Skywave are about the same on the WX and FM bands.

The sensitivity of the SSB and original Skywave are about the same on the SW and AM bands.

Note that these are first impressions over a few hours out of the box, so my opinion may change over a longer period of use.

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