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Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Getting in touch with the IC-R8600

I have had the ICOM IC-R8600 for two weeks and I am still learning all about it. The learning curve is not steep... just long because the radio has so many features and options.

This is the first touch screen radio I have owned, so some of the features that I find so impressive might be old hat to folks who are familiar with touch screen radios, especially ICOM touch screen radios.

Anyway, my favorite touch screen feature is the ability to zoom and switch frequency to the zoomed area of the radio spectrum. For example, say I have the IC-R8600's spectrum scope set to display 1 MHz of a radio band and I spot a signal up the band that I wish to tune in.

Instead of spinning the tuning dial to move up the band, I simply touch the spectrum display in the general area of the signal of interest.

The display magnifies that portion of the band.

I touch the signal of interest in the magnified area...

...and voila!, the IC-R8600 tunes the radio to that signal.

Another cool feature of the IC-R8600 is the ability to capture screens like the ones above.

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