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Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Keurig in the Log Again

Posted here Friday about our new Keurig K-Cup coffee maker causing interference on the AM/MW radio band between 550 and 1250 kHz, peaking at 20 over 9 on 860 kHz. Called Keurig and they could not troubleshoot the problem, so they sent me a replacement.

The replacement arrived and when I plugged it in, I discovered that the new Keurig’s “transmitter” performed as well as the old Keurig’s “transmitter.”

The workaround is simple – unplug the Keurig before I power up the radio.


  1. I've discovered this too last month after replacing our old Keurig Elite that was electrically quiet. Our new 'Select' unit trashes the AM broadcast band even when 'off'. I bought a Corcom power filter 'brick' and will see if it will reduce/eliminate the interference. AI6VX

    1. My wife and I don't drink a lot of coffee. One cup for her and two for me in the morning, so I just unplug the Keurig after I brew my second cup.