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Wednesday, August 23, 2023


Sundown Wednesday, I heard oldies on 1020 kHz, a place where I normally don’t hear oldies, so I hung back and waited for a station ID. The station identified between each song and it took a few songs before I figured out the ID: "wibbage."

It took some Googling on the Internet to figure out what was wibbage.

“WWAC began operations in the mid-1960s as WSLT on 1520 kHz, featuring such notable radio hosts as Larry Keene, Phil Sheridan and Bob Everland. The call sign was changed to WIBG in 1978 after the call went out of use in Philadelphia. The station broadcast with various formats over the years including MOR, Top 40, oldies and country. In the early 1980s WIBG moved their transmitter and tower from Somer's Point to Palermo, changing its frequency to 1020 kHz in the process. The call letters were changed to WWAC in 2021. Today WWAC airs "Wibbage Gold", a tribute to the original "Big AM 99 in Philadelphia with 50s/60s oldies music and local talk on the weekends.” (Source:

So it turns out I logged a new one: WWAC transmitting 680 watts on 1020 kHz from Upper Township, New Jersey, about 190 miles south-southwest of here using the ICOM IC-R8600 receiver and 120-ft Loop Underground (LUG) antenna.

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  1. There was another! WYBG 1050 in Massena, NY. Now silent, but ~50 years ago it was receivable in suburban Montréal. Could be "pronounced" the same way if you wanted and that Y sounded like an I if you weren't careful!