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Saturday, January 28, 2006

holy land page online

My “Holy Land, Batman” page is online. Still needs a little tweaking, but it is basically done.

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  1. I loved your Holy Land U.S.A. page! I used to live in Prospect (I live in Indianapolis now), and my dad brought me to Holy Land in the 70's. I really hadn't thought about it in all the time I still loved in was there, of course, but totally forgotten. You drive by it a million times. Now that I live 800 miles away, I thought about Holy Land U.S.A. and wished I could go back and see it again - in March 2005, I visited my grandmother and decided to head up there. I have photos at my website, and to my surprise, I also inherited a number of slides my uncle had taken of Holy Land during construction (he and my grandfather helped to build it).

    I am very happy to see your photos of Holy Land too - the postcards are awesome!

    Jennifer Bremer