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Friday, March 31, 2006

Surfin': Customizing Firefox for Ham Radio

Read this week’s installment of Surfin': Customizing Firefox for Ham Radio, then leave your comments here.


  1. Another good thing that works in any JavaScript-enabled browser is a Zulu time clock.
    i have one on my ham home page and another on my log page . You can copy the code and put it on yours, and then you'll always have a Zulu Time clock.

    Here's a page with just the clock
    Do View Source in your web browser on it and follow the instructions to add it to your home page.

  2. I read the above and tried it all out. Works perfectly. Glad you found Ben's stuff. He's a smart kid. He's upgraded and got a vanity call now: N4CV. I called him and told him he made the news. BTW I am in Korea with the Army. Call sign here is HL9UL. Can find me on Echolink. Thanks for your work.


  3. There is also a Buckmaster/HamCall lookup engine available for Firefox. I added it to Mozilla site several months ago.

    This must be contagious for Charlottesville. I live at Lake Monticello.