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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Surfin': Tooling Around The Internet

This week's installment of my weekly column, Surfin', is now online. This week, its title is Tooling Around The Internet. Read it if you will and leave your comments here.


  1. Google Earth is also a great tool for searching for addresses, etc, and has excellent addon programs available...I am waiting for an APRS application to be able to put together with it.

    Enjoy your column/blog, look for it regularly.


  2. Locations on a map shift when you take coordinates from one datum (such as WGS84 which is default on most GPS displays) and plot it on
    a map with a different datum (such as NAD27 used on many older topographic maps.) The dtaum is the "starting point" for the coordinates and varies based on the mathematical model used to describe the earths surface for the map.

    Always check the datums when comparing locations between two systems or you can be off by a few hundred meters.


    for more details.

    That could be the problem between the automated systems you used.


    Gary, K2GW
    Former navigator