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Friday, November 17, 2006

Surfin': Reflecting on Airplanes

This week's installment of Surfin' talks about bouncing RF off aircraft for DX.


  1. Oh yeah, I can see the headlines now.... A local Amateur Radio operator was arrested today, charged under the Patriot act, for interfereing with a commercial airliner. It seems this Ham was using a very large antenna array and beaming high power signals at the airliner... ;?) 73!

  2. why is this website called thats my last name and i've never heard of ANYONE in the world with the same last name that i'm not related to

  3. As a Radio Amateur I am always looking for additional radio challenges, however direct radio contact with any aircraft in a deliberate manner should be avoided only because of the sensitive nature of the onboard avionics. Rules governing radio emissions onboard, should also be translated to include land based emissions. As good as it may seem, killing someone for the sake of a DX contact hardly would seem to be worth the effort.