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Sunday, March 4, 2007

Boston Red Sox mystery solved?

I think I solved the Boston Red Sox mystery, i.e., the identity of the player on an unlabeled postcard I won on eBay.

Today, I pulled out my collection of Red Sox yearbooks (1958-2006) and the 1961 yearbook had a photo of Billy Harrell, who looks very much like the player on the postcard. You be the judge.

Below is the postcard that started all this, Billy Harrell's photo in the 1962 Red Sox yearbook, and his Topps baseball cards from 1958 and 1961 (the only years he appeared on baseball cards).


  1. I found the smoking gun, Stan. See

    73, Joel

  2. i believe that my picture is in the 1067 yearbook in a photo on bat day with a bunch of other kids with Yaz
    is there any way for me to see that picture