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Monday, March 19, 2007

Surfin': The Latest Line on Linux

"The Latest Line on Linux" is the title of this week's installment of Surfin', which also has news about plug-ins for Firefox. After you read Surfin', please leave your comments (if any) here.

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  1. I'm using fldigi and xlog with Ubuntu Linux. The combo works great. For the most part, I've gotten away from Windows. I still have a partition so I can do some work at home (I'm a Database Admin). I wish Mac OS X would have such a wide variety of apps like Linux does. It has a couple of good ones (like Cocoamodem) but does not have the integration that Linux has. Of the stations I work on the digital modes most use Windows but I see a growing trend of Linux users. I hope more new hams will gravitate to Linux as they come on board.

    de W3TW (cu on the digital modes)