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Friday, June 8, 2007

iPhone APRS

Steve Dimse, K4HG, the brains behind, is planning to do a version of APRS for the iPhone. (That might push me over the brink to buy an iPhone myself!)

Here is what Steve posted this morning on the APRSSIG:
Just curious if anyone else will be getting an iPhone at the end of the month.

It seems that Steve Jobs backed off from the closed architecture he initially proposed, and rumors abound that Apple will release an SDK next week at their developer's conference. I'm an Apple developer, and I will be writing an APRS version to run on the iPhone if it is possible. Whether it is web based or APRS-IS based depends on what the SDK allows. One rumor is that the SDK will be a modification of Mac OS X widget, which does not allow access to ports to connect to the APRS IS stream, in which case a web app will be the only option.

If anyone gets an iPhone and wants to beta test whatever I develop email me privately.

Steve K4HG (


  1. Sure...I would be interested.


  2. iBCNU is an APRS GPS position reporting and text-messaging application for the Apple iPhone. When position reporting is enabled, the application will periodically send out location of your iPhone using either 3G or WiFi network and iPhone's built in GPS receiver. The rate at which position reports are sent out is adjustable. Once the GPS information is in the APRS-IS system, it is shared between all users and you can track yourself or track your friends using this or one of the many APRS mapping sites. When used as a text-messaging tool, iBCNU will let you send and receive messages using the APRS-IS system. You can send short (approximately 512 character) messages.

  3. FYI on the previous posting.. APRS messages are limited to about 62 characters, not 512. This is an artifact both of the usual on the air packet size as well as some display screens.