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Sunday, September 30, 2007

bionic woman advertisement

My aunt subscribes to Entertainment Weekly. She gave my sister a pile of recent back issues and my sister passed them on to me when she was through with them.

The September 28th issue included an advertisement for the new Bionic Woman television series. The ad was a four-page insert printed on a heavier stock of paper than the magazine's normal page stock.

The first (cover) page is black with "A NEW LIFE BEGINS" printed in white. Turn the page and it is a two-page spread of the bionic woman's eyes. When you open the two-page spread completely, her right eye lights up in an unnatural green color.

I removed the insert from the magazine to check it out more closely. I slit open the bottom of the page on which the magic eye was printed and found two small circuit boards mounted inside connected to each other with two wires.

The larger board had two "watch" batteries mounted on it and an appendage on the side. I assume the appendage is a sensor that detects when the page is opened.

The other board provides the light (I assume with an LED) for the eye.

I was impressed. This is a very expensive ad that most people are just going to throw it away with the magazine.

I wonder how much this advertisement cost? It was not cheap.
And did anyone consider the environmental issues regarding the proper disposal/recycling of the batteries used in this advertisement?

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