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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

out of sync

I have been a fan of the Boston Red Sox since 1958.

How did I become so afflicted?

Back in the spring of 1958, Dad bought me my first pack of baseball cards. Opening the pack, I found a stick of gum and five baseball cards. Included in the five was Topps card number 1, Ted Williams.

I showed Dad my cards and he said that Ted Williams was the best, so I hooked my wagon up to Ted's team and have been following the trials and tribulations of the Scarlet Hose ever since.

Later that spring, Dad bought me a Red Sox yearbook and he bought me one every new baseball season until I could afford my own.

Forty-nine years later, I realized that I had not bought a yearbook this year with less than three weeks left in the baseball season. I had a complete run of yearbooks from 1958 to 2006 and I sure did not want to break that run, so I started shopping for the 2007 yearbook.

I figured I would find one online, but I could not find one.

I looked through magazine racks whenever I saw one, but still no luck.

Yesterday, I went to Wal*Mart to buy some cement to fix a broken tile and before I paid for the cement, I checked the magazine rack and, voila, I found a copy of the yearbook!

After I paid for my stuff and walked to the exit, I passed shelves of Christmas decorations and felt doubly lucky that my unsold Red Sox yearbook wasn't replaced with a Charlie Brown Christmas comic book on the magazine rack!

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