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Monday, October 22, 2007

nutty weather

It is 74° F at 1 PM according to my weather station at my house. Yesterday, it was almost as warm. And this is the beginning of the fourth week of October!

During October, the temperature has only gone below 40° F once: 39° F for about an hour around dawn on the 13th. The high was 83° F recorded on the 5th and 6th of the month. The average for the month so far is a hair under 60° F.

On the 13th, I picked all the tomatoes and peppers that were worth picking. I put the peppers in the fridge and the set the tomatoes on a shelf in the garage to ripen. The next day, I intended to pull up the plants and put them in the compost pile, but I never got around to it

The weather started warming up again, so I continued watering the plants. The tiny tomatoes and peppers I did not pick are now growing to full size and they will be ready picking for picking soon.

This weather is nuts!

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