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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

XO in Wolcott

I received an e-mail late last week that my XO computer would not be shipped until after the holidays and that I can expect delivery before January 15.

I was disappointed because I planned to give the XO to my wife, Laurie, as a Christmas gift. Laurie has never used a computer, but lately has expressed an interest, so I thought that the XO would be perfect for a novice like my wife (plus I could play with it when she wasn't playing with it).

Christmas Eve morning, Laurie was out doing some last minute Christmas shopping and I just came in from the cold after washing the crud from the recent snowstorms off my car. The Pie dogs started barking, which was a sure sign that someone had driven up our driveway. I went to see who arrived and it is Fedex delivering the XO! I was surprised and very happy.

I wrapped the XO's shipping box without opening its contents and gave it to my wife with other sundry gifts yesterday morning. She was very happy to receive her own computer, but we did not have much time to play with it because we had a full schedule ahead of us.
I did power up the XO to make sure it worked (and it does). The user interface is cool and the XO sees our home Wi-Fi network, so that is a good start.

In the next few days, I will get the XO on our Wi-Fi, check it all out more throroughly, and report my findings here.

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  1. I did the exact same thing. It arrived yesterday and out of the box has performed flawlesly, picking up the WiFi and getting on the Internet. Now, it is just a matter of my wife getting the time to explore. Let us know how you like yours. For me, so far it exceeds my expectations.