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Friday, December 7, 2007

Surfin': Twoer, Not Tower

This week’s Surfin’ exposes one of WA1LOU's favorite radios. Read it here, then come back here to post your comments, if any.

By the way, Surfin’ is a weekly column published on ARRLWeb features Web sites related to Amateur Radio, specifically, and radio, in general. If you have any suggestions for Surfin’, please contact WA1LOU using the e-mail link to the right.


  1. Your experiences with the Twoer reminded me of the time I traded my national NC240D for a Twoer at the Henry Radio store in Anaheim, CA. I didn't have the code speed up, at the time, to pass the General code test, so I upgraded to Technician and needed a 2-meter radio; the '240D cost me nothing, so I couldn't beat the price (effectively $0.00)! I had great fun with the "lunch box" until I traded it (plus some $$$) for a Gonset Communicatior I. Later I traded for an Ameco Tx 62 and built down converters for 6 & 2 to use with my new Drake 1A, that's when I started working the "weak ones!"

    Thanks for the memories and very 73...W4XP

  2. I remember the twoer and sixer. My father bought both. They were a lot of fun. As I remember there was also mods for both so that they could use 8mhz crystals rather than the (hard to find) 3rd overtone ones.

    I also remember a receiver mod that turned it into a single conversion superhet using the original regen circuit as the local oscillator

    Chris WA4CM

  3. Our radio club purchased six of the two'ers. At time I live twenty-five miles south of WAbash Indiana and used a collinear antenna. It worked fine after my wife would listen and I would go out and useing a pipe wrench rotate the antenna. I do believe my first love was the HW-16. I worked a JA on fifeteen and thought he was a lid cause I coulen't make out the letters.

  4. Wow, the Twoer. It was my first kit shortly after getting my license in high school. I built it up at home and took it to my high school radio club to tune it up. It worked the first time!

    I assembled a 3 element beam with a wood stick and coat hangers, arm-strong rotated, of course. Worked all the guys in my part of Chicago. I met WA9FNQ, who lived in my suburb, and we started hanging out together. We've been friends ever since (40 some years)!

    Best DX was San Angelo TX one Field Day. Not sure they really beleived it either but we did QSL both ways....

    Great fun!

    73 Rich