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Friday, July 4, 2008

Surfin': Logging Online

In this week’s Surfin’, we consider Google Docs as an online Amateur Radio application. After you read that, come back here to post your comments, if any.

By the way, Surfin’ is a weekly column published on ARRLWeb features Web sites related to Amateur Radio, specifically, and radio, in general. If you have any suggestions for Surfin’, please contact WA1LOU using the e-mail link to the right.


  1. Hi

    I've been using Google Docs to log my HF contacts from my mobile rig for a few months now. Very good application. I think your application for a club call sign is very innovative.

    Thanks for the ideas!


  2. Also been using Google Docs for logging, but using it for SWL listening sessions. I can use the same log, whether I am in the shack or in the study (where I also have a shortwave receiver). Can log those SINPOs wherever I am. I use the spreadsheet in Google Docs

    If you use a computer based logging program consider exporting to text (or comma separated values CSV) and uploading to Google Docs or Yahoo Briefcase to store a backup. Easier than using a USB key, which have a habit of hiding when you need them.