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Friday, November 28, 2008

Surfin': QSLing Those Radio Memories

This week’s Surfin’ considers the final courtesy of a radio contact: The QSL card.

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  1. Propagating the myth that a QSL card is obligatory is a disservice to many hams. Some enjoy QSL cards, others do not. I know of several hams who left the hobby because the mail would not stop. I quit exchanging cards almost 50 years ago and feel fully justified in doing so. This great hobby has many facets and we should participate in the elements we like. If I remember correctly, the statement that a QSL card is the final courtest of a QSO was an advertising slogan from a seller of QSL cards back in the 50's. I don't think any objective leader in the hobby would tell hams what they should enjoy. 73,

  2. Don't put words in my mouth (or on my paper), Bill. I never wrote that "a QSL card is obligatory," nor did I "tell hams what they should enjoy."