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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

40°57′39.0″ N, 73°55′21.0″ W

Today’s Live Search Maps bird’s eye view of antenna farms takes us to 40°57′39.0″ N, 73°55′21.0″ W, which is the location of another historic radio site: Edwin Armstrong’s tower in Alpine, NJ. (Click on the photo to magnify it.)

Thanksgiving Day, the family took a bus trip to New York City to view the Macy’s T-Day parade. On the way home, the bus traveled north on I-87, which provided an opportunity to view Armstrong’s tower in person. I quickly spotted the immense tower even though it was over four miles away at the closest point. I was duly impressed!

Here are some pertinent links regarding this impressive edifice:

*’s “The Birthplace of FM Broadcasting, Alpine, N.J.

* Wikipedia’s take on the Armstrong Tower

* Wikipedia’s take on Edwin Howard Armstrong

By the way, if you want to view the tower yourself on Microsoft’s Live Search Maps, use the coordinates 40°57′39.0″ N, 73°55′21.0″ W. (I could not find a street address for the tower, but I found the coordinates and they work just as well as a street address.)

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