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Friday, August 14, 2009

Surfin': Finding Woodstock

This week, Surfin' finds a Woodstock connection to ham radio.

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  1. Nice piece on Woodstock. I just saw a piece on TV tonight about the rivalry between Bethel and Woodstock over the tourism relating to the Woodstock Festival.

    I was around 16 at the time and very aware of the Woodstock Festival through all the media coverage it got. I was also just getting into Ham Radio at the time.

    I remember one of my school buddies brothers went to Woodstock and telling us all about it. I was so jealous, but I could never have talked my parents into allowing me to go to something like that at the time.

    I remember listening to the local (Buffalo) "underground" FM radio stations giving practically play-by-play reports of the traffic jam on the Thruway.

    It was a special time, musically, politically and socially. You may not have been there if you remember it, but you had to live through it to understand it.