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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Loco-Motion Revelation

Back in January, I purchased a DVD titled 1960’s WABC Radio Airchecks. In addition to airchecks, the DVD contains 75 hours of pure nostalgia from 77 WABC including “Actual Broadcasts By Big Dan Ingram, ‘Cousin Brucie’ Bruce Morrow, Ron Lundy, Scott Muni, Chuck Leonard & More.”

Seventy-five hours is a little much to listen to in one sitting, so I loaded the contents of the DVD into my iPod (by way of iTunes) and I hear random selections during my daily commute.

Today, I listened to a program in which Dan Ingram and Ron Lundy discuss the history of 77 WABC. During their discussion of 1962, they mentioned that a big hit that year was The Loco-Motion, which was written by Carole King and Gerry Goffin and sung by Ms. King's baby-sitter, Little Eva.

Both deejays were of the opinion that Carole King actually sung the song herself. As proof, Ron Lundy mentioned that he had seen Little Eva in person twice and during those two occasions, "Little Eva" was a different person.

Then they played the song.

I have heard that song countless times since it was released and until now, I never noticed that it definitely sounds like Carole King is singing the song.

Go figure!

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