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Friday, October 23, 2009

Surfin': Remembering the Woodpecker

This week, Surfin' recalls a formidable ham radio nemesis from the 20th century.

An Update:

Sergey Paskevych e-mailed me this today:

If you interesting of Duga (Russian Woodpecker) - invite you to look on my photo report from Chernobyl here and here.


  1. Hi Stan, thanks for the article on the Russian Woodpecker. Yeah, what a royal pain in the neck that was. Glad that's gone. Thanks for the link to the photos.

    Hmm, if the place is abandoned, would make a great contest station. A remotely controlled contest station that is. The antenna is rather impressive.

    73, Scott KT1B

  2. Hi Stan, Just finished "The Kremlin's Nuclear Sword" by Steven J. Zaloga. It refers to the Duga-3 systems history and reports that the system was abandoned because it proved to be ineffective. Also there was more than one site. A follow on satellite system, nearly triggered a nuclear attack warning. Solar activity caused it to warn of a massive US ICBM launch. The duty officer didn't not pass the warning on, because of experience with false alerts. He was forced into early retirement, because of his initiative in not triggering a nuclear exchange. The book also outline the "Doomsday" command and control system, that may still be in service. Regards, Don NJ2E