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Friday, November 13, 2009

Surfin': The Real Pirate Radio

This week, Surfin' visits the high seas where pirate radio once made its home.

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  1. Firstly the 'pirate' radio stations were broadcasting in International Waters, and therefore outside the jurisdiction of British Law so they cannot be said to have operated "illegally".

    The story is very loosely based on Radio Caroline, inasmuch as the station was broadcasting from a ship out at sea, and so is Radio Rock in the film. However from thereon the similarity ends. The stations such as Caroline never had girls coming on board the ship to 'stay', for example. In fact they were very particular as to who was allowed on the ships.

    Although I was never on these ships, from what I understand life was pretty mundane. They had television sets, but of course in the 60s there was no mobile phones or the internet. Post (the main form of communication with their listeners) would arrive up to two weeks after it had been sent.