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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

more snow lies

I woke up at 5:15 AM after the garbage men were finished rattling our garbage cans. I figured I should get up and go out to rescue the cans and recycling bucket before they get lost in the blizzard. I was surprised that nary a drop of precipitation had fallen yet despite the predictions that the snow should start around 3 AM.

Last night, K1GF was saying that the air was very dry and that the air would have to be saturated before snow would begin falling, so that is why the radar shows precipitation, but none was hitting the ground because it was evaporating in the dry air. When he said that last night, I thought that (1) the snow is going to start later and (2) the accumulation will be on the low side. So far, I am half-right.

It started snowing here at 7 AM and it is a very light snow. Gil Simmons, the morning weather guy on WTNH, is now calling for 8 to 12 inches vs K1GF's 8- to 14-inch prediction last night. Scott Haney over on WTIC is calling for 6 to 12 inches.

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