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Friday, October 29, 2010

Surfin’: Beyond Bonaire -- It Was Like Magic

surfin511 This week, Surfin’ can’t get enough of that listening to the radio (AM and shortwave) back when The Beatles were still making music.

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  1. Stan, Tell Alan Applegate, K0BG, that of course we have such available today. I use an MP3 player every solo road trip I go on that is over 100 miles. I play PODCASTS, which can be just as interesting as the radio plays of old...or you can have those same old radio broadcasts saved to play through your vehicle radio in the MP3 player. There are both the cassette adapter input or the cigar-lighter FM TX if your vehicle isn't new enough to have an AUX input jack.

    I recommend WNYW's Radio Lab if you like science stuff. Or Soldersmoke if you want to listen to ham radio technical ramblings. I'm a fan of these and Fresh Air interview series from NPR. If music is your thing, then I recommend "Woodsongs Old Time Radio Hour" or "Mountain Stage" to make the miles disappear with a puff of exhaust smoke.

    Many old radio plays broadcast back before lots of us were born are available at page.

    73 DE K5FNI, Rick in Mathis, TX