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Friday, February 11, 2011

Surfin’: I See Live Hams

surfin526 This week, your Surfin’ editor sees hams in the salt water antenna video and maybe on The Big Bang Theory.


  1. Go here for a wealth of info on Rush's song "The Body Electric," where the line "1001001 SOS" happens.

    Someone pointed out that '73 is the year Rush recorded their first message.

    Another poster pointed out that if you equate a dit to 1 and a dah to 0, you get dit, dah dah dit, dah dah dit, or "egg". A bit of a stretch though.

    Tom WB8WOR

  2. Yes. 73 in binary is palindromic. But
    you didn't mention that 73 in
    Morse code is Palindromic.
    --... ...--

    Kris N5KM