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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

BBC Radio 4 II

I powered the TS-440S at 2300 UTC 17 January and tuned to 198 kHz.

I could tell that there was a station there, but it was way down in the mud. The voices sounded like they were mumbling; there was no discernible intelligence.

The signal started coming up at around 2325. An occasional word was intelligible.

At 2330, a female clearly identified the station, "BBC Radio 4."

The signal gradually returned to the mud. Meanwhile, radio navigation station DIW in Dixon, NC, showed up and got stronger as BBC 4 disappeared.

DIW held the frequency for about 15 minutes, then conditions reversed. BBC 4 got stronger and DIW dropped into the mud.

At 0000 UTC, BBC 4 played the Westminster Chimes of Big Ben.

Very cool! 

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