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Friday, May 4, 2012

Surfin’: Open Source Ducks

This week, Surfin’ rediscovers the wonders of open source software.


  1. Stan,
    You're a lifesaver - thanks for the tip about Scribus.

    I have a similar situation in the Windows world - my old tried and true DTP software, Xerox Ventura Publisher, which I have been using since 1987 (not the same version though :)), will not work on Windows 7. I too have used Open Office but it is quite limited in its DTP "tricks", so I'm going to give Scribus a try.

    You are so right about open-source software - some of the VERY best stuff out there is open source.

    73, Bill K8WHB

  2. If I were you I would look in to instead of OpenOffice. See all the developers left Sun because of some of the things Sun was doing so they branched out to create libreoffice.

    Being that this was a recent post I would hope that it would be upto date with stuff about the Open Source community that is over 2 years old. OpenOffice is kinda going the way side since the Developers have move on..

    Also Need to promote FLDigi more.

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  4. There is something not right about using open source software like Scribus to publish a digital version of QST in a proprietary format, riddled with DRM. Richard Stallman would not be proud.

    I have had a digital subscription to Linux Journal for years, no DRM... plain old PDF, the way it should be!

  5. Steve --- I am not aware that open source software is being used.

  6. Well thank god for that at least. Thanks for the clarification.