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Friday, March 28, 2014

C.Crane CCRadio 2E Enhanced Reviewed Redux

Two months ago, I reviewed the C.Crane 2E Enhanced here. In general, I gave it a good review, but I had a couple of dislikes.

Here is what I wrote.

“By far, my biggest complaint is the frequency display. When you tune the radio, the radio displays the frequency, but when you stop tuning, the frequency disappears after a few seconds and displays the time, if the clock has been programmed or nothing, if the clock has not been programmed. To display the frequency again, you must press the Freq button momentarily and again, the frequency disappears after a few seconds and displays the time or nothing!

“When I am DXing, the frequency is much more important than the time of day, so I would prefer that the frequency was the default display, not the time. Or at least allow the user to select the default display. I could find no way to make frequency the default display and when I asked C.Crane about it, I never received a response.”

Yesterday, I received a response from C.Crane Customer Service rep Laurie G., who wrote, “The CCradio line has undergone many changes throughout the years and we take suggestions from our customers when we design each new model.  The CCradio and the CCRadio Plus both showed the frequency all the time when the radio was playing but a button had to be pressed to show the clock, because of customer suggestions we changed the display to show the clock primarily and the frequency only when the button is pressed or station is changed.”

And so it goes.

Instead of selecting a momentary display of the frequency, why can’t that same button be programmed to toggle between continuous frequency or continuous time display? That would make everybody happy.

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