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Friday, October 10, 2014

WCHR 1040 AM


Heard a preacher on 1040 kc last night at 2305 UTC and it turned out to be a new station for the AM log: WCHR in Flemington, New Jersey, transmitting 1500 watts 131 miles to my southwest putting an S0 to S3 signal into my CC Radio 2E and Terk Advantage external antenna.

Also heard a Spanish language station on 1050 kc that I failed to identify. I was pretty sure that it was not WEPN which I already have in the log. Other possibilities were WBQH and WVXX, but what I heard on the air did not match what those stations were streaming on the Internet. I will listen for it again tonight.

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  1. WEPN has moved its English programming to FM and turned the AMer to Spanish language sports.