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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Frontier Communications ― The Worst

This fall, AT&T got out of Dodge and Frontier Communications took over as our landline and Internet provider.

Frontier screwed up our billing and their Internet service is the worst.

Getting e-mail is like playing Russian roulette. Frontier's system frequently fails to recognize my password when my e-mail app tries to retrieve new messages. I have found no fix for this problem and just have to keep trying to get my e-mail until Frontier's system finally recognizes my password.

Browsing websites is even worse. Occasionally, accessing a website reminds me of the good old days with AT&T, but most of the time, trying to access a website is like trying to pull teeth. Websites load so slowly that my browser often gives up and sends me an error message saying that Frontier's system can't access the website I am trying to hit.

Sometimes, rebooting the computer speeds things up, but that only works about half the time. But why do I have to resort to that fix? I never had to do that with AT&T.

I would drop Frontier Communications like a hot potato, but I dread having to deal with changing my e-mail addresses!

Anyway, Merry Christmas!

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