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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

WSKP 1180

wskp_www I sat in an icebox (also known as my car) for nearly a half-hour during my lunch hour watching snow flurry onto the windshield while tuning the radio searching for a new entry for the log. I settled on 1180 kc listening to what I thought was WHAM out of Rochester, NY.

WHAM is already in the log, but I had given up finding anything new and decided to listen to the oldies. But looking up WHAM in my log, I had it logged as a talk radio station. Either they changed their format or I had something new (WHAM was my only 1180 log entry so far).

I stuck it out and at 1758 UTC, the station identified as Hope Valley, Rhode Island’s WSKP. Transmitting 1800 watts 54 miles to my east, it had a solid S-4 signal.

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