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Friday, March 13, 2015

1,000 Watts, 1,000 Miles


No sign of aurora today, but conditions on the AM band were very good and I nabbed KCJJ on 1630 kc transmitting 1,000 watts from Iowa City, Iowa, nearly 1,000 miles to my west. I had already logged KCJJ from the home station, but it was nice to copy it from the Subaru on the way to work.

About a quarter mile into my commute, I heard the station ID loud and clear. I stayed on frequency to see how KCJJ’s signal would play the rest of the way to work. The signal was up and down most of the trip, but during the last 10 minutes, the signal kept building in strength and sounded like a local by the time I parked the car in the company yard.

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